Aquafighter® is a True Revolution in Fuel Quality Management & Fuel Tank Maintenance.​

Purify your fuel and protect your tank.
(Works with diesel, biodiesel, heating oil, kerosene and non-ethanol gasoline)

Read below to see why Aquafighter® is different and why it changes fuel management forever.

Aquafighter® de-emulsifies fuel to less than 65ppm water directly in the tank, without the use of corrosive chemicals, as well as captures all water at the bottom of the tank to

The Result = Clear & bright high-quality fuel at all times and the elimination of water accumulation which reduces or stops bacteria growth, fuel degradation and corrosion

​(Not to be confused with other similar looking products that don’t work the same.  It’s what’s inside that counts)

Aquafighter® – The Difference is Clear

Aquafighter® is a complete solution because not only does it actively de-emulsify water from fuel directly in the fuel tank it also captures & neutralizes the water to keep your fuel pure and your tank dry at all times.
That means that caustic & corrosive additives, dangerous biocides, wasteful fuel filters, inefficient water separators,  expensive & incomplete polishing and other water-relieving methods will either be unnecessary or greatly reduced!              
Aquafighter® does more by itself than all of these other solutions combined.
Bottom line; Aquafighter® gets the water out before it accumulates and stops most of the problems, costs and downtime that you have been conditioned to tolerate.       Aquafighter® is the only complete preventative solution.

Bottom of the tank fuel with water and sediment emulsion

Aquafighter® was first developed in 2015 and after extensive laboratory & field testing with a major international fuel company it was first utilized in their fuel stations in 2017 to maintain high fuel quality at all times, to keep their tanks water-free & bacteria-free and to efficiently restore millions of liters of off-spec diesel fuel.  

fighter® is also sold by North America’s largest farming coop and agricultural fuel producer, CHS/Cenex.  

What water does to your fuel, your fuel tank, your fuel system, your injectors and your engine is not only bad, it’s very expensive!  
Don’t be mistaken, every fuel tank on Earth takes in water from the air because of humidity that is naturally in the air (No, your tank is not an exception, even if you are in the desert).  Atmospheric reality leaves no exceptions.   Water can also come from the fuel delivery, but even with perfect fuel deliveries water accumulates in your tank daily that contaminates your fuel, damages your equipment, corrodes your tank and grows bacteria.  
What makes Aquafighter® so effective?
It’s science.  Aquafighter® does the 3 important & indispensable actions that are required to completely remove the water from the tank environment and isolate it until removal.  

(And we mean true removal out of the tank opening, not chemical additive removal by exploding it in your engine.)
  1.    Aquafighter® de-emulsifies fuel.  This means that it actively removes water that is chemical bound with the fuel to a much lower ppm than even the refinery is subject to by law.  This process that Aquafighter® does directly inside the tank purifies the fuel from water and causes particles that were floating in the fuel to fall to the bottom of the tank thus staying out of the fuel system.  Several points to note:  
           a.  Emulsified or bound-water hides inside the fuel and sneaks through the fuel filters and water separators. 
           b.  Bound-water causes bacteria growth, tank corrosion, fuel degradation, fuel system damage & engine problems.
           c.  Free-water causes bacteria growth, tank corrosion, engine failure, filter waste and can emulsify into the fuel.

           d.  Biodiesel is hygroscopic, which means that it attracts and binds to water by nature.  
           e.  In the age of biodiesel, free-water is much less of an issue and bound-water is the real killer problem.  
            f.  For every % of biodiesel in your blend water in the fuel becomes exponentially worse.

  2.    Aquafighter® captures the de-emulsified water as well as any free-water.  This means that Aquafighter® attacks and quickly captures water in the fuel and at the bottom of the tank to stop all of the following consequences that water inflicts.  
           a.  Prevents the water from accumulating at the bottom the tank
           b.  Prevents bacteria growth  (No water = no bacteria)
           c.  Prevents tank corrosion
           d.  Reduces filter usage
           e.  Reduces or eliminates the need for additives
           f.   Reduces the wear on the fuel system and engine
          g.   Greatly reduces the potential of injector failure
          h.   Improves the quality of the fuel
           i.   Keeps the engine operating at full power output
           j.   Prevents frequent tank cleaning

  3.    Aquafighter® secures and isolates water.  In addition to purifying the fuel by de-emulsification, Aquafighter also captures and neutralizes water so that it is removed from the tank environment and can no longer affect the fuel or the tank again.  It will be trapped in the gel until the fabric pouch is removed through the tank opening and discarded. 


Without each of these three capabilities it is not possible to protect both the tank and the fuel simultaneously.  Being the only solution in the world that can do all three of these things in one product makes Aquafighter® the only way to keep the fuel pure and the tank dry at all times; making tank maintenance and fuel quality management super simple, very efficient and extremely effective for the lifetime of the tank.
This also makes Aquafighter® a no-brainer for anyone who owns a diesel, heating oil or kerosene tank; no matter how big it is, how much it’s used, where you are located, or what it is used for.  And it is especially important for machine operators who want their equipment to provide power when it is needed, to not need constant repairs and who don’t want to sacrifice power output to high water content fuel. 

Aquafighter®: No cons, only pros – Try it and see the difference.

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Aquafighter® provides 19 distinct advantages over fuel additives, polishing machines and other fuel remedies:


  1. Aquafighter® is a cure rather than just a treatment
  2. Aquafighter® takes emulsified water out of the fuel directly in the tank
  3. Aquafighter® does not relocate water to the bottom of the tank like most additives.  
  4. Aquafighter® is the only solution that captures water and isolates it in its fabric membrane permanently; keeping the tank water-free always.
  5. Aquafighter® removes water from fuel to a significantly lower ppm
  6. Aquafighter® doesn’t choose between emulsification and de-emulsification (Aquafighter® de-emulsifies and neutralizes)
  7. Aquafighter® does not emulsify water into your fuel like some additives.  (Emulsifiers are designed to absorb water into your fuel and sneak it through fuel filters and water separators and into your engine in small doses.  Aquafighter® removes water from the fuel and ends it; period.)
  8. Aquafighter® keeps the tank and fuel protected over time
  9. Aquafighter® is simple to install and replace
  10. Aquafighter® does not change the fuel
  11. Aquafighter® requires no energy to operate
  12. Aquafighter® completely prevents diesel bug
  13. Aquafighter® contains no harmful chemicals
  14. Aquafighter® is a truly green solution (Less waste, no environmental damage, no spilling, no leaking and no energy needed) 
  15. Aquafighter® is completely safe to handle
  16. Aquafighter® does not exchange one problem for another
  17. Aquafighter® does not require stabilizing chemicals 
  18. Aquafighter® does not create bad side-effects (Only pure fuel)
  19. Aquafighter® completely prevents waste fuel (No more need for fuel polishing)

Note: If you have a diesel car or a fuel tank that is fed by a pipe, Aquafighter is not the product for you.  For these applications, continue to use additives.  But always do your research to know what this additive is really doing to your fuel, your tank and your engine.

“I use Aquafighter, because it’s the only thing that works” – Andrei Smirnov, Tankla Abi OÜ

This is normal without Aquafighter.

Applications for Storage Tanks, BoatsGenerators, Heating OilFuel StationsTractorsCombinesMining Machines, TrucksConstruction EquipmentHospital Gen SetsAgriculture, and other diesel machines.

How does  Aquafighter® work?

  • The Aquafighter® fabric membrane lays at the bottom of your fuel tank like a flounder fish.  (This fabric membrane is engineered to contain the Aquafighter® powder, to not expand, to not tear and to stay at the bottom of the tank.)
  • As water comes into your tank from filling or through the vent (condensation), it sinks to the bottom of the tank as free water or into the bottom layers of fuel and becomes bound (connected) to the fuel molecules.
  • When Aquafighter® has contact with the fuel-bound water it causes it to immediately release from the fuel molecules and is instantaneously captured by the Aquafighter®.  (Free water is captured immediately as seen above)
  • Through this process your fuel will become pure; remaining clear, bright and water-free and your tank will remain water-free and free of bacteria growth as long as Aquafighter® is kept active in your tank.
  • Keep Aquafighter® Active:  When Aquafighter® is full or almost full, replace it and keep your tank condition and fuel quality excellent in perpetuity.
Aquafighter® Operational Benefits:
– Captures and Eliminates Water Directly in the Tank
– Completely Prevents Diesel Bug Forever
– Eliminates the Need for Most Additives
– Reduces Diesel Filter Replacement by More Than 60%
– Makes Fuel Gelling Obsolete
– Makes Fuel Polishing Machines Unnecessary
– Simplifies Tank and Fuel Maintenance
– Reduces Tank Cleaning
– Keeps Fuel ”Clear & Bright” at All Times
– Protects Tank from Corrosion
– Over 7000 lab tests performed with 100% efficiency to under 65ppm  
(90% of these tests were performed by 2 of the large international fuel producers.)
– If Water Causes It, Aquafighter® Stops It!

Water in fuel is costly.  See this video by our UK Partner.

Aquafighter® removes all water from fuel directly in the tank with 100% efficiency to less than 65ppm water.  
**Spec fuel in Europe is 200ppm and the high standard for expensive fuel polishing machines is 92% efficiency to under 200ppm.  
(Reference: SAE J1488_201010)
No other solution has the effectiveness, efficiency and the ability to clean fuel and keep tanks water-free directly in the tank like Aquafighter®.       
See the proof and try it for yourself:

Why does diesel fuel degrade or become off-spec?

​​As bio-diesel becomes a greater component of diesel fuel, bound water becomes a bigger challenge for fuel companies, engine owners, operators and maintenance professionals.
With each percent of bio-diesel in fuel, the saturation point of that fuel increases.  This increases the bound water capacity of the fuel and even causes the fuel to absorb water from the bottom of the tank.
Aquafighter® is the only solution that can remove bio-bound water directly in the tank. 
Bound water makes the fuel cloudy and opaque.  This can be seen in this fuel station tank sample of diesel fuel with 7% bio-diesel.  
(This is not uncommon even in the most cared for fuel tanks around the world.  Being on planet Earth makes water in fuel inescapable.)
​Aquafighter Laboratory Test:  Saybolt Sweden
Sample:  B-7 diesel (7% bio) Aquafighter filter for 1 day use​
*Water content reduced from 363ppm (average for stored fuel) to 60ppm (excellent for any fuel).
            Aquafighter® has 4 size categories that are based on largest tank access:

Slim – 4cm Width – For access through openings from 3.8cm to 9cm.  (Water capture capacities from 200ml to 1 liter available)

Anaconda – 9cm Width – For access through openings from 9cm to 15cm.  (Water capture capacities from 4 liters to 8 liters available)

Canvas – 27cm Width – For smaller tanks with access openings larger than 15cm.  (Water capture capacities from 2.5 liters to 4.5 liters available)

Industrial – 50cm+ Width – For access through manholes larger than 30cm.  (Water capture capacities from 40 liters to 60 liters available)

​​Aquafighter® is perfect for:
 – Generators of All Sizes
 – Boats
 – Storage Tanks
 – Truck Fleets
 – Agricultural Equipment
 – Construction Equipment
 – Mining Machines
​ – Depot and Terminal Tanks

 – Fuel Stations